Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Soundcloud For Musicians and The Music Industry

There has been a lot of buzz circulating in 2015 about Soundcloud's ability to help big brands discover the next big talent. With that being said there has also been alot of hype surrounding a fresh new artist from Kentucky who goes by the name of Bryson Tiller. It's not hard to see where the hype soared to exponential levels because it came shortly after a Timbaland co-sign and an OVO recommendation/shoutout from Drake himself. As you can see in the above picture (originally shared on Instagram) the shoutout led to sightings of the two together and "sneaker dreams and life dreams all being fulfilled at once," according to Tiller aka Pen Griffey via his official instagram. So how did this all start and with (Press releases applauding Bryson Tiller's Soundcloud engagement as well as Bryson Tiller openly stating that he simply uploaded his take off song "Don't" to the platform late in 2014, what role did Soundcloud play in the discovery and life changing events of the Bryson Tiller come up and what does it mean for artist looking to be discovered by major record labels and their executives? Could Soundcloud be the modern day A&R?


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Drake Would Love | What A Time To Be Alive In Kentucky


The latest mixtape from Drake titled What A Time To Be Alive features Future and several references to "I rock Kentucky Blue," from OVO Sounds leader Drake. It is quite apparent Drake has a fascination with Kentucky. From his infamous and public relationships with coach John Calipari and the University of Wildcats men's basketball team. To his public OVO recommendation and shout out to RCA's latest talent Bryson Tiller. It's safe to say that Drake honestly loves Kentucky. From the sports, to the women and now here we are with "the music." Drake has been dying to here more music from the state of Kentucky since the public signing and co-sign from Timbalands sidekick Bryson Tiller. Not to mention the signing of Devante Parker and D'angelou Russell from the University of Louisville all fit in quite nicely. For the Kentucky music scene it has been a race against time and energy making this a wonderful time to be alive in Kentucky.

Our staff came across this new mixtape boasting out of the heart of Kentucky called "What A Time To Be Alive In Kentucky." The sounds are unlike anything on the radio right now and normally when someone say's that you go "oh, well it's probably not an industry sound." But, on the contrary, we are listening to a new wave that will be hitting the music industry soon and the state of Kentucky is responsible. Get familiar with three things "The 502 Come UP," "BTRU Entertainment," and the mixtape "What A Time To Be Alive In Kentucky."

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Soundcloud PROMO

Soundcloud Promo

Are you a musician currently using Soundcloud. Here are some important questions you should be asking your Soundcloud promo service provider before using their services and purchasing their Soundcloud promotion packages.

Should I Buy Soundcloud Promo?

Well, that all depends on you. How do you want to market your music? With an over-saturated music industry, it’s really hard to get heard. The more plays, followers, likes and shares you have, the higher your chances of being seen by the people that matter. Buying SoundCloud promo is just one way of getting there.

How Do These Soundcloud Promo Services Work?

Most companies that sell SoundCloud promo are cheap. Extremely cheap. That’s because they increase your plays using automated software, or “bots” that only increase your plays but don’t give you any exposure. Our company first and foremost is a branding company. As with any product, services or company attempting to garner an audience you must first successfully brand your idea by placing your content in strategic places in order to locate your target audience. That's what we do.

Are The Soundcloud Plays, Followers and Likes Even From Real People?

Our company is one of few, if not the only soundcloud promo resource that only provides plays, followers and likes from real people. We do this by opening portals online connecting an audience of real music listeners to your content. We do this through email blasts, landing pages and advertisements displayed of your profile and songs as well as sharing your sounds to our groups through reposts and social media shares.

Is Soundcloud Promo Safe?

Your profiles and sounds will never be in jeopardy of loss of integrity when using our services. We used techniques backed by the Soundcloud community and terms of use. It is 100% safe to use our promo services as many times and as often as you like.

How Large Is Your Fan Base or Community?

Currently our community weighs in at around 138,768 users across our platforms. This community can be broken down based on age, location, interests and genre.

Do You Accept Soundcloud Songs In All Genres?

Yes, we accept and successfully promote songs of all genres. We have at least 7,500 die hard indie music fans in each genre. From R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, Country, Blues and a ton of sub-genres.

After I Purchase, When Will My Campaign Start?

90% of all campaigns start within 48 hours. This can sometimes take longer depending on you providing your campaign manager what's needed in order to successfully start your campaign. We don't need your log in information in order to start your campaign but you can provide us with it for enhanced reporting. Once you make your purchase, your order will be processed. Within a few hours you will receive an email detailing your purchase and what's needed from you in order to get started. Once you reply to that email your campaign will begin.

What If I Don't Like The Results, Can I Get a Refund?

In the very rare event that you would like a refund we deliver refunds, no questions asked within the first 3 days of a weekly campaign, 15 days of a monthly campaign and 90 days of a yearly campaign.

Where can I place a Soundcloud Promo Order?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bryson Tiller Releases Just Another Interlude On Soundcloud

Bryson Tiller releases a new song on Soundcloud titled Just Another Interlude.

Have you heard the latest new song by Bryson Tiller? On August 15, 2015 Bryson Tiller randomly released a new song titled Just Another Interlude. This song is currently catching some noteworthy internet buzz due to the snippet from Drake's song titled Bria's interlude. Bryson Tiller has been making waves in the industry for his earlier debut of his hit smash single called Don't. The Don't singer isn't stopping anytime soon and this new song Just Another Interlude is rumored to be featured on the upcoming album Trap Soul. If you haven't heard the song yet, no worries. Check out the Soundcloud embed below and be sure to leave your comments letting us know what you think of this new song by the up and comer from Louisville, Kentucky Bryson Tiller.

If you enjoyed this song you can view the lyrics to Just Another Interlude over here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

If Youre Reading This Its Too Late Goes Platinum

Drake's new album IYRTITL goes platinum in 2015. Drake has plenty to celebrate. The Toronto rapper’s If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late project has gone platinum nearly six months to the day of its release out of nowhere this past February. The surprise mixtape was initially released for free but then put up for sale on iTunes and Drizzy has sold a total of 1,006,000 copies since its release. During its opening week, the record amassed a whopping 624,000 sales, breaking Spotify records along the way.

As far as his track record goes, this is now the fourth project in a row that the Young Money rapper has seen go platinum. Thank Me Later, Take Care and Nothing Was the Same have all reached the feat since his first album debuted in 2010. The Toronto native is currently gearing up to drop his fourth studio album, Views From the 6. There’s no word on a release date for the LP just yet, however.

On the streaming side of things, users streamed If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late a total of 6.8 million times after its release in February. Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly later took the lead, amassing 9.8 million back in March. As if he needed another reason to celebrate, Drake can also claim the title of having the first album released in 2015 to go platinum. In total sales for the year, he trails only Taylor Swift’s 1989, released in October of 2014, which has moved 1.4 million copies in 2015 and is certified five times platinum overall. If you’re into sales figures, Billboard has you covered: with his four retail projects—Thank Me Later (1.8 million), Take Care (2.26 million) and Nothing Was The Same (1.72 million) in addition to IYRTITL (1.006 million)—Drake has sold almost seven million albums in the first five years of his career. Not too shabby.

Drakes Back To Back Sits At 21 On Billboard

Did you know that Drake's wildly released new single Back to Back hits the billboard top 25. Drake's new single which is a diss song aimed towards rapper Meek Mill currently sits at number 21 on the Billboard top 100 songs. To add insult to injury Drake's new album If You're Reading This It's Too Late also went platinum. You’re not supposed to punch down, but Drake has managed to look pretty presidential while doing so. Though Meek Mill continues to throw shots his way while on Nicki Minaj’s Pinkprint Tour, the OVO boss has more or less won the rappers’ beef in the court of public opinion. Now, there’s a bit of data to that effect:Billboard reports that Drake’s “Back to Back,” a diss song dropped on Soundcloud in the middle of the night, sits at #21 on their singles charts. It would be impressive in any event, but it’s a bit of salt on the Philly rapper’s wounds considering it’s higher than any Meek Mill single currently on the charts. His collaboration with Minaj and Chris Brown, “All Eyes on You,” currently sits at 43. Coincidentally, it’s his highest-charting record to date, having previously hit…the 21st spot.

In his defense, Meek’s sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, topped the charts the week of its release. However, it was that LP’s rollout that sparked the feud; when Drake failed to tweet out a link to purchase Dreams, Meek called him out for employing ghostwriters, specifically for his verse on “R.I.C.O.,” but also on his solo work. Quentin Miller, an Atlanta artist who later admitted to being on a $ 5,000-per-month retainer, but claims he was always properly credited for his bars, became a focal point of the beef. Several reference tracks surfaced, including those for “R.I.C.O.,” “10 Bands” and “Know Yourself,’ the latter two being from Drake’s platinum-selling If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sorry Azealia Banks Fans No Album Coming From Harlem Artist

Sorry to all the Azealia Banks fans, there will be no album coming soon. Her album has been postponed for some very political reasons. Talk about a setback. Azealia Banks recently revealed she will be prohibited from dropping new music for the next eight months. The controversial MC took to Twitter to update her fans on her current situation telling them not to hold their breath in expectation of any new material before March 2016. Reasoning for the halt in production has to do with fine print in her recording contract. “So prospect park has me for management and Label (stupid azealia, right) now Jeff kwatinetz no longer wants to manage me BUT…is holding me in my album contract until february 2016. so….. there won’t be any new music until March 2016. sorry guys,” she typed.

The Harlem MC chalked it up as a learning experience. “Pain from the game… i guess i was so desperate to get my album out that i took a bad business deal.. oh well, the months will fly by,” she typed.

Glass half full, Banks has more than enough time to come up with some new material.

50 Cent Speaks on Drake and Meek Mill Beef

50 Cent takes to Instagram on his take on the Drake and Meek Mill beef. G-Unit head 50 Cent has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Maybach Music Group’s Meek Millgetting dissed by Philadelphia rapper AR-AB this weekend. Fif took note of the situation and commented on AR-AB’s diss via Instagram.

Will Spotify Really Become a Paid Subscription Service

There have been many rumors that Spotify will become a paid subscription service. Will this be a make or break for the company? The streaming music wars continue to wage on and Spotify may be changing things up to get more people to subscribe. According to Digital Music News, Spotify is preparing to shifit towards a premium-only, “gated access” model which means that certain releases will either be available only to paying subscribers and/or available for a limited time to non-paying users. While nothing has been set in stone yet, Digital Music News‘ sources say that free users would only have access to one or two songs from a high-profile album and paying subscribers could listen to the entire release with no restriction.

“They want free users to feel like they’re missing something, not just forced to listen to adds,” says a source.

According to reports, Spotify has to renew its licensing deals with major record labels on Oct.1, meaning a premium-only transition would likely occur in early 2016. Sources close to the negotiations have told Digital Music News that Spotify has not signed a new deal with any of the major labels yet.

The outlet also says that the move towards a “gated” service was previously unthinkable among the suits at Spotify. However, with major labels becoming more and more upset with free services, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek may be forced to change the way his service operates. “[Spotify CEO Daniel] Ek hates that idea,” said another source. “And I mean hates it, but he may have to give an inch on that one.”

What Did Tyga Buy Kylie Jenner On Her Birthday

Did Tyga really buy Kylie Jenner a new Ferrari on her birthday? I mean the two were already practically dating illegally, but this now confirms what Tyga has been denying. Today (Aug. 10) is Kylier Jenner’s 18th birthday. In honor of her born day, the reality star had a birthday bash in an L.A. club called Bootsy Bellows Sunday night (Aug. 9). Kylie’s family, friends and beau Tyga were all in attendance. Tyga even surprised his now legal girlfriend with a new whip: a $ 320,000 white Ferrari 482 Italia.

While the party was going on, the 18th Dynasty rapper brought Kylie outside and gifted her with the keys to her new toy. It’s rather interesting that T-Raww was able to purchase the expensive foreign car for his girl. Over the last month, he’s had a number of financial issues, including a recent lawsuit filed by a Las Vegas club promoter. Prior to that, two different landlords came forth saying Tyga owed them cash. He’s also being sued over his Last Kings clothing line. Despite all of this, he was still able to hold Kylie down. View photos of the stunning car above. Also at the party was

In addition to getting a spanking new whip for her 18th birthday, Kylie Jenner also rocked a completely new hairdo. She’s known for some of the sleekest and coolest hairstyles, and last night’s was no different. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star sported blonde hair last night with dark roots, looking very Kim K-esque. Her sisters, Kendall, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney were all there for the festivities, along with parents Kris and Caitlyn Jenner. Also at the party was Post Malone who performed his hit single “White Iverson” with James Harden a.k.a. Khloe Kardashian’s new boo. See that video and photos of the party below.

It was rumored that Tyga regifted Blac Chyna’s Mercedes G-Wagon to Kylie Jenner, but news later brokethat she was just driving the vehicle to a birthday dinner on Friday and happened to be photographed.