Friday, May 8, 2015

(Listen stream and download the new song by Axl Rich. This track...

(Listen stream and download the new song by Axl Rich. This track bops, it’s called XO. Song for the ladies!


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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SEO For Musicians

SEO For Musicians: An SEO music promoter providing search engine optimization music marketing. Get your songs to show up on Google fast and get listeners through searches on top music sites! The first question you should ask yourself as a musician is "How concerned am I with my presence online?" If your answer is low or not at all, you are possibly used to selling merchandise through networking in day to day life, but what happens when you finally sleep. What happens when you run out of product and merchandise for that week or that month? Where would a potential fan be able to go to find your music and not just your music but your Facebook page or Instagram profile. It's not really your choice anymore, if your an artist looking to be taken seriously and are moderately at least interested in branding your image due to the fact that music listeners find the 90% of the music their looking for online. Reasons to develop your brand online
If people search your name and can't find you or your music, you potentially just lost a play or even worse a potential fan.
Major artist pay editors a lot of money to make sure that online users can search their name on Google and find their most important profiles.
Major artist make 60% of their sales through digital mediums versus in store sales or show sales.
People determine your credibility and ultimately decide whether to take you seriously based on how you show up on Google and your search-ability.

If people can't find you or your brand, then how will they be able to find your songs. Your songs and your products are an extension of your brand. This means that typically online a user will find out about the artist/brand (in this case we will use Juss Russ) and will search his name on sites like Google, or music search engines like Soundcloud or the Google Play store. When they find you on Google they have a concise resource to all of the profiles that contain extensions to your songs/products. Let us help develop your brand on Google. We will help you show up for your brand name making it easier for people to find your most important songs, products, mixtapes and resources around the web.

Music Promotion Services

Music promotion services designed to get you fans and listeners online. We offer online promotion packages for musicians of all genres. Our music promotion works! Choose from our many promotion services! We offer promotion on top music sites and social media sites including Soundcloud, YouTube, Reverbnation, Twitter, Facebook and more. We provide an organic alternative to promotion giving our clients access to promotion that brings real results. Real plays and views from real fans and potential subscribers. Get your songs heard and exposure your creativity to the masses. We will also continue to add new services often as we continue to compete as a leading resource for successful music promotion for artists and musicians.

Datpiff Promotion

Datpiff promotion services and packages designed to get more Datpiff listens. Increase your Datpiff downloads and listeners using Datpiff promotion. Services start within 24 hours. With this service we will promote an upload of your choosing on the Datpiff platform for 7 days. During this promotional period we will be sharing your mixtape to popular music blog networks, embedding your file on popular music-listening sites and sharing your content from numerous social media accounts. By the end of this campaign you will have earned 168 hours of consistent promotion to targeted communities based on genres similar to your sound. This will help you:

  • Get More Mixtape Plays
  • Get More Mixtape Downloads
  • Get More Shares on Social Media

We don't guarantee a specific amount of plays due to the fact that we offer an organic service. Which means there is no limit to the number of plays that may be earned. We simply bring large amounts of traffic to your mixtape pages and how these listeners interact with your sounds then is dependent upon the quality and appeal of your product.

YouTube Promotion

Many subscribers ask does YouTube promotion work and how to increase YouTube views. YouTube promotion is the best way to increase your views on YouTube. YouTube promotion services is the best way to get real views from authentic YouTube subscribers. Don't buy fake plays and views, garner exposure through successful strategies of marketing and advertising techniques. YouTube like Google is a popular search engine, however it's targeted for video and media content. YouTube is owned by the popular search engine Google and hosts a fan base of over a billion users and millions logging on daily with video's being uploaded every minute. Many users on YouTube ask the question of "how do I get more views on my YouTube channel for my YouTube video's?" 

According to the YouTube Help Guide here are some ways to market your songs.
  • Market your YouTube videos and content on the radio, Television, your websites, public forums, newsletters and other social networking platforms. Link your YouTube channel in as many places as you can.
  • Subscribe To Other Users with Similar Interests: Speak directly to YT community and ask them to subscribe!
  • Use Video Descriptions and other YouTube Tools to encourage users to Like and Subscribe.
  • Enable Comments on your YouTube video pages.
  • Use Playlists to group your content by categories – this makes it easier for users to find videos on your channel.
  • Engage your audience through shoutouts, comments, subscriptions, and by asking them questions.